Know Yourself, In Community

A community of support, personal growth, and empowerment

What is this online community about?

We invite anyone who is looking for a soulful community dedicated to personal growth to embark with us on a path of compassionate and honest self-inquiry.  We ask only that you enter into this space with an intention of love, and that you agree to uphold this as a space free of judgment.

What is NUSHU?

The work of NUSHU is grounded in NUSHU Group, a modality that relies on the premise that we are all whole and that the answers we seek are all found inside us. We believe that everyone has the capacity to connect deeply with others, and that when we gather for each other in a container of trust, the potential for healing is vast.

We offer NUSHU Groups to the public and hold NUSHU Group Facilitator Training for those who want to learn how to hold powerful space for others.  We also bring in a highly curated group of the most potent and loving thinkers, teachers and practitioners through the NUSHU Thought Leader Series.  

The NUSHU Premise:

1. There is a deep craving for true connection in each of us.

2. Connection can only be forged in a space of openness and vulnerability.

3. We won’t allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable without feeling safe.

4. Given the opportunity and the expectation, women will participate in holding a space of safety rooted in love.